Conferences in Sweden this Autumn

There will be a lot of activity around web and search in Sweden this autumn.
Below I list all the conferences that are coming up and hope to see you on some of them!
I will update list if I find out of more as we move along…

Webanalytics wednesday Stockholm 11-Sep

Webbdagarna Malmö 12-Sep
Webbdagarna Göteborg 26-Sep

Svedma Stockholm 27-Sep


Webbdagarna Stockholm 24/25th Oct

Emetrics Stockholm 29th/30th Oct

SMX Stockholm 31st Oct/1st Nov


SIME Stockholm 14th/15th Nov

IMC Stockholm 29th/30th Nov

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  1. akaseng marion nkafu says:

    Hi, i want to attend the conference of SIME Stockholm 14th/15th Nov

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