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Facebook Ads Now Able To Target Users Based On Spending Habits


Global Marketing News – 19th June 2017

Advertisers on Facebook can now target customers based on their spending behaviour, US Hispanics are still lagging behind the rest of the US population when it comes to internet penetration, and influencers on Instagram will soon be able to mark their posts as sponsored if a brand has paid for promotion.

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Elin Box

Elin Box

Marketing Assistant at Webcertain
Elin is a Marketing Assistant at Webcertain. She edits and writes content for Webcertain and provides support on a wide range of the Group's marketing activities. She is part of the Webcertain TV team and writes the scripts for The Platform Programme, The SEO Show, The Advertising Arena, The Mobile Magazine, The Conference Calendar, Jargon Buster, The Content Marketing Show and The Translation Show.
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