Geolocalisation and Search Engine Issues

John Brenne – Geolocalisation, hosting and domain issues

  • Local links
  • Ip address
  • domains
  • language
  • telling the engine

what makes your site regional ?

  • your domain name
  • sublevel domains
  • country code
  • all require local links

you can identify the language with META TAGS (the Lufthansa website does this).

Search Engine and local hosting – any local requirements for hosting to achieve good rankings ? In general not really for most (MSN listed with a yes ? ,meaning there could be a slight competitive advantage)

Kevin Starling – Exalead

  • Internationalisation
  • Natural language processing
  • Per Language
    • tokenisation
    • lexical entry
    • inflection
    • automatic morphological analysis (AMA)
  • Language detection
  • Semantic processing

Semantics deployed – used to identify content in my language – extract related terms to match related terms – taxonomy.

Search Process

Structural analysis
word matching

Query strings have an average of 1.6 words – difficult to identify the language. Navigational queries are a dialog.

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Sante J. Achille

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