Google sued over name "Guge" in China

Beijing Guge Sci-Tech alleges that Google has infringed on the firm’s name. According to the court documents, the name “Guge” was officially registered in April 2006 by Beijing Guge Sci-Tech and Google didn’t register the name until November of 2007. Google’s response is that reports on the Internet showed that it intended to use the name “Guge” at the time it was registered by the Chinese company.

Beijing Guge Sci-Tech wants Google to change its Chinese name and to pay legal costs although no sum was mentioned in the court documents. The name “Guge” is not a real word in Chinese but a transliteration.The characters mean “valley song”.

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  1. AvatarTait says:

    I think “gu-ge” would be the best pinyin for this. Spelled “guge,” people will think the second g has a j sound.

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