Hot new Search Engines launched in Norway

Kservik over at Threadwatch reports on the launch of no less than 3 new search engines in Norway.

All the 3 new engines are all powered by the technology from Norwegian FAST Search & Transfer – the left over tech from when Yahoo bought Alltheweb.

The most spectacular news is by far at Startsiden, where the prime default search tech on the front page is now from FAST and not Google.

As Kservik points out, this will have a huge effect on Google’s dominance in Norway as Startsiden is a major player and the default home page for many norwegians.

As reported on WebmasterWorld a few days ago, another new search engine is Sesam owned and developed by one of the very big media groups in Norway – Schibsted. However the tech is also from FAST. Norwegian member Tor tips about an email to submit your site Sesam: tipsurl@sesam.no. At this point we are not sure wether it works or not, but it can’t harm to try it.

Finally a 3rd new Norwegian engine launched, Yelo. Yelo is owned and operated by Findexa, who also owns the popular Yello page site at GuleSider.no.

All in all some VERY exciting news from Norway and following the developments will be very interesting. Now if only some of the other Scandinavian countries would be as innovative and produce some new search destinations and ante up the competition in the search playing field, which today also in Scandinavia is very dominated by Google.

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    Pity no one has pulled this page of out of date information

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