Iceland leading in broadband usage

Iceland (pop 300.000) is the most web-savvy country – a recent study shows it has the highest concentration of broadband users. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) found that broadband was also widespread in South Korea, the Netherlands and Denmark. USA still leads in most users, with nearly 50 million.

Kristjan Mar Hauksson

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  1. Kristjan Mar says:

    Prices: Dial-up access is usually free, or at the most about 10 Euros a month, ADSL prices vary and depend on band-width and download. A 4 MB ADSL connection with a 1 GB foreign download a month is about 35 to 50 euros. Iceland is dependent on two sea-strings between the coyntry and the mainland. One of these cables is regulaily chewed apart by rats in Scotland. Techno-Rats… :-)

  2. Kristjan Mar says:

    On the same subject, according to a study made last year about 89% of all homes in Iceland have computers. These numbers are Based on a survey made by Statistic Iceland in February 2005. Of those at that time 73% had access through ADSL or other types of xDSL connections, 23% through ISDN or Dial-up, 2% via cable or broadband and 2% did not know.

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