International Search Summit – Microsoft adCenter

Ed Pushman – Microsoft adCenter presents the Microsoft Live Search product.

  • Driving digital customer engagement – Microsoft has made many recent acquisitions, platforms and brands for people to use.
  • Display and Search: more effective together – running display and search together has a much greater impact (x7), more time spent and greater number of secure pages visited.
  • Presents Engagement mapping – they are creating an engagement modeling to measure the entire true value of a campaign.
  • Microsoft Live Search Expansion of search40% unanswered queries50% queries require refinement high cost and commitment
  • Live Search has an approx. 4.5% share UK YAHOO! 4.8% and Google 75.3%
  • Algorithm and Index are important and have priority, now using multimap as mapping software
  • Research Investment – Blind Taste Test, a comparison between and other search engines to test validity of the results
  • Search behaviours: 3 categories Find, Discover, Explore – these are highly engaged in their exploring, the most interesting group
  • Farecast – currently all around travel.A way to get the best price for travel or hotel (US innovation)
  • Cashback – the provider will give you a cashback in your cashback account – you gather money in your account
  • New search technology centre – european specific with new innovations that will be lead also in Europe, not only the US, trying to be more country specific.
  • Most activity has been concentrated on making the search product better before any further branding of the live search product.
  • It’s harder to bring back users that have had a bad experience.
  • New tools for the adCenter have ben released – adcenter desktop tool now available, this was the N. 1 request of users – designed around office 2007, now in beta available to premium clients, now the excel plugin – allows to do research on keywords an keyoword suggestions.
  • adExcellence is the Online Educational Tutorial website to learn all about adCenter ( there is also an adCenter Community (
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Sante J. Achille

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