Internet Marketing Conference – Afternoon Sessions

The Reykjavik Internet search engine conference and expo has turned out to be an outstanding success. All sessions of today were attended by numerous participants.

This afternoon sessions were focused on web marketing related issues and online brand building as well as online reputation management.

Although web site architecture was initially addressed, the discussion later focused on doing business on the internet.

The discussion shows how small things can greatly improve your online image and boost user confidence, which in turn increases sales or contacts.

Adding your physical address and telephone number so users have the opportunity to check up on you is just one of many other indications provided by panel members.

It was interesting to discover that a top 10 organic placement achieves a 2% click thru, top 3 paid placement achieves a 1% click thru: A combined top 10 organic placement and top 3 PPC will yield a 6% click thru.

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Sante J. Achille