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ISS – Bill Hunt Global Search Strategies

There is a general awareness regarding International Search and the necessity to. Major corporations are dealing with:

  • Team
    • Build your global team
  • Linguistic
    • Maximize your content and keywords
  • Infrastructure
    • Offers scaling opportunities

many countries and languages are a challenge right from the start. Working with local teams is essential – the local agencies need requirements to optimize content. High level organisation can dramatically improve online performance. Templates are often an issue.

Google is trying to serve up content unique to country level – IP detection. Ranking reports are inaccurate – don’t have our reports all generate out of a single country !

Use correct META language tags

Use TLD as you can – but it’s considerably more expensive and complex to manage

Use the Google Geographical targets to sort languages and countries

MAXIMIZE WW Link Architecture – have many TLDs? there may be many link opportunities

TRANSLATION – don’t use google translate as a substitute for localisation !


  • translators are not familiar with optimisation techniques
  • avoid machine translations
  • leverage SE optimised templates
  • ensure site map includes local content
  • integrate keyword research into glossary development

Team & organisation issues are a big thing – BUILD A CULTURE OF SEARCH

  • build a culture of search
  • develop local awareness
  • where you have them, trust your local team

Build a centralised team structure – can be a single person who creates awareness and a work flow to get the process into regional locations. deploy performance metrics from regional

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