ISS – targeting the Latin American markets

How to Target Key Latin American Markets
Ana Leckenby – WebCertain
Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries total more than 200 million worldwide – an interesting audience.

  • There are a number of economies that have survived difficult times – for example Chile, Argentina
  • High tech cities
  • A push to support globalisation

Things Latin Americans like…

  • Transactional – people who like to do online banking
  • Communicators – countries that are using the internet as a means of communicating
  • Social – Mexico one of the top users
  • Self improvement – used to search for jobs – here Peru is a leader
  • New Web – Chile

There is a very high penetration for different uses – 25% people are using twitter a lot and updating their status online.
Ecommerce: they are buying books and computer accessories CD/DVDs Travel related, the Ecommerce is estimated to be USD 30 billion by 2010.
Most companies are not doing SEO – there is a lack of content SMBs find SEO very expensive and cannot see how they will benefit from it.

Paid search has a very low CPC – there is a good conversion rate.
The differences in language will tend to be greater for consumer goods – less likely in industry where the vocabulary will be more “standard”.
People don’t search using accents.

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Sante J. Achille

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  2. Actually Marcelo, the presentation included Brazil in some detail – the two main markets discussed were Brazil and Mexico. It was the summary written live whilst the presentation was being given which focused on the smaller markets.

  3. AvatarMarcelo Sant Iago says:

    As usual, talking about latin america and leaving Brazil out. Actually, this is a good strategy, because Brazil is the only portuguese speaking country in the region and the number of internet users is bigger than Argentina´s population, for instance. So it must be treated apart of the other countries. If you do want to know about online and search in Brazil shoot me an email.

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