ISS – Using Online PR for Links

Kristjan Mar Hauksson – Nordic eMarketingGround rules

  • no distribution of the same text to multiple locations
  • re-write to two or three versions
  • write it short and scalable
  • do not spam it with links 2 or 3 at the most

Try to influence people to pick up the story – people who are passionate about topics.

  • think of the people and how they are searching
  • Think outside of the box: how can I get people to link to me
  • Think about what people are searching for and is of interest to them
  • Think about the way you write – it will depend on how people will pick it up

PR sites will have NOFOLLOW attributes but that’s besides the point – it’s about the content syndication (distribution) – the end goal is not the channel you are using but the people who are the final destination that will pick it up.