New search engine and yellow page service launched in Denmark

The Danish tv station TV2 has quietly launched a new search engine called TV2 Fredo. The search engine presumably offers contactinfo, website links(!), maps and a link to a gift certificate partner.

TV2 describes the search engine as follows (my rough translation):

TV 2|Fredo is a search service for people that wants to shop goods, services or find phone numbers for friends and families across all of Denmark. Persons and companies are just a single click away.

They do not offer much information about the technology or how the data is collected and how you list a new site/company.

The search engine is developed by a Norwegian company

Kristjan mentioned a new Icelandic search engine that recently launched in Iceland with plans to offer the same kind of yellow page search in Denmark, but I’m sure they are related?

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  2. David Temple says:

    Interesting play there Rasmus, a TV station launching a search engine. Seems like they could leverage that quite well especially if entertainment is a major searched topic. A focus on shopping can’t hurt and it should help grow their advertising dollars as well.

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