Japan blog association

Japan Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has established Japan Blog Association on February 28, 2006. Its purpose is to perform research, study, support, etc. about Blog, and to provide the information and environment for Blog users to enjoy blogging … Read More

Decline of dial-up in Russia

With ADSL lines increasing to 8MB in the US and Europe it is easy to forget that many Russian users still access the internet using a dial up connection. However research carried out this month by the ROMIR group has … Read More

Russian Internet usage at 17% of population

ROMIR, the independent research group has released their periodical results for internet usage, which show that at the end of 2005, RuNet users share made up 17% of the whole adult population of Russia. While this was a disappointing dip … Read More

Yahoo reveals huge ambitions in China

According to Chinatechnews Yahoo’s ambitions in China are enormous – targeting a 200% in market share following the successful integration of Alibaba. Tian Jian is reported as saying that Yahoo aims to become the “top search and lifestyle brand in … Read More

Interactive Media in Brazil

Starting today you’ll find here updated content about Brazil’s interactive media market, with focus on SEM. As an introduction, here’s the internet landscape in Brazil: – 31 million users (as per Jan.2006; ranks #7 in the world) – users spend … Read More

Russian Outsourcing & Software Summit 2006

For those looking beyond the usual conference schedule this year, the RUSSOFT summit held in Moscow from May 31st to June 2nd offers a chance to meet Russian outsourcing companies first hand. The summit was started to promote Russia’s programming … Read More

280Bil. yen – Japan online ads market

Dentsu has published “Advertising Costs in Japan, 2005″ on February 20th, 2006. The report shows that the total internet advertisement spending in 2005 is 280.8 billion yen (approx. $230mil), which is 54.8% up from the previous year. The total for … Read More

Russian IT Sector to Rise to $40Bln

The telecommunications and information technology industry will grow to exceed $40 billion a year by 2010, IT and Communications Minister Leonid Reiman said on Monday at a news conference held in Moscow. The total market was reported to have reached … Read More

Growing Japanese Electro-communication Market

According to the 2005 4th quarter Electro-Communication Study done by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the Electro-communication market is growing rapidly in Japan. The results show there are 14,310,000 DSL contractors, 3,978,500 FTTH contractors, and 10,022,000 IP phone numbers. … Read More