Russian Rambler buys 51% of Price Express

In a busy week of consolidation for Russian search engines, Rambler has purchased 51% of Price Express, a leading e-commerce Internet company and owner of several high profile web sites in RuNet. Price Express operates the internet portals, … Read More

Microsoft opens online ad research center in China

Microsoft in a bid to keep up with Baidu, Yahoo! China and Google has opened an “adlab” in China. This research lab will focus on improving Microsoft’s pay per click advertising program, adCenter. Microsoft originally tested adCenter in Singapore. Source: … Read More

Offline Google Ads

The first Google offline content ads appeared in the ‘Sun-Times’, as reported by the Chicago Times on 12 December. They have closed a deal which allows them to fill a column on the right with 15 positions. They even seem … Read More

Guanxi: secret to marketing in China

A recent article at CMO magazine discusses the subtleties of marketing in China. The use of guanxi – your “network of influence” or your sphere of friends and acquaintences – is explained as being far more valuable than other Western … Read More

Microsoft's new strategic partnership in Japan

On December 27, Microsoft, Japan Telecom and Softbank BB announced the development of “Messenger Joint Communication Services” with their strategic partnership. This service ensures the security by combining the network infrastructure and the services such as VoIP, E-mail, internet access, … Read More

Is China the next big thing?

Jamie Gottlieb over at gives an interesting spin on the rampant growth of online marketing in China. She suggests the billion dollar investment by Yahoo!, the data center being developed by Google and IPOs like – all suggest … Read More

China search engine landscape article

Since my fellow contributing editors are providing information about regional search engines, I decided to post an article I wrote prior to speaking at Search Engine Strategies “Global Search Landscape” session in Chicago. Our own Andy Atkins-Kruger, Web Certain and … Read More

The Search Engine Landscape in Denmark

Inspired by Kristjan’s post about Iceland, here is a short run down of the Search Engine Landscape in Denmark The search market in Denmark has historically, until the worldwide Google dominance, been driven by local directory Jubii (sold to Swedish … Read More

The Iceland Search Landscape

There are three regional search engines in Iceland (Home Made / no www) (Home Made /Google for www through XML) Embla (Home Made / No www) Then there is Google and (the fourth local one, mostly used … Read More