Europe’s Digital Winners And Losers Revealed

Global Marketing News – 4th March 2016 Europe’s digital winners and losers revealed The European Commission has released its Digital Economy and Society Index for 2016. The Index measures the digital performance of each European country and focuses on five … Read More


Google Faces Further Blow In Europe

Global Marketing News – 29th February 2016 Google faces further blow in Europe France has announced that it wants Google to pay 1.6 billion Euros, equivalent to 1.76 billion US dollars, in back taxes. Google stands accused of using legal … Read More


Baidu Exposed For Mobile User Surveillance

Global Marketing News – 26th February 2016 Baidu exposed for mobile user surveillance An online security firm has found that thousands of apps using code written by the Chinese internet giant Baidu are sending unencrypted sensitive data to the company. … Read More


Paytm To Launch Luxury Ecommerce Platform Anasa

Global Marketing News – 25th February 2016 Paytm to launch luxury ecommerce platform Anasa The Indian mobile payments and ecommerce company Paytm is allegedly planning to launch a luxury ecommerce platform, according to an anonymous source close to the deal. Paytm … Read More


Wikipedia To Create Its Own Search Engine

Global Marketing News – 23rd February 2016 Wikipedia to create its own search engine Wikimedia Discovery The online encyclopaedia Wikipedia has announced that it is going to build its own search engine. It intends to spend 2.5 million US dollars … Read More


Ecommerce Has Limitations Warns International Retailer

Global Marketing News – 19th February 2016 Ecommerce has limitations warns international retailer The German electronics retail company Media-Saturn Group has said that it wants to expand its network of physical stores after admitting that ecommerce has its limitations. 8% … Read More