Baidu Investigated For Sneaking In Gambling Ads

Global Marketing News – 22nd July 2016 Baidu investigated for sneaking in gambling ads Baidu is facing an investigation into overnight gambling promotions. Regulators in China are looking into the search engine company, after online gambling sites allegedly registered corporate … Read More


Burberry Is A Mobile Success Story

Global Marketing News – 19th July 2016 Burberry is a mobile success story Burberry has announced that nearly 60% of all its online traffic comes through mobile devices. The luxury fashion retailer said that visitors from tablets and mobile phones … Read More


Google Yet Again Gets Anti-Trust Charges

Global Marketing News – 18th July 2016 Google Yet Again Gets Anti-Trust Charges Google has been accused yet again of using its online power to muscle out rival companies. The EU’s competition enforcer, Margarethe Vestager, has issued two new sets … Read More


Thousands Of Manufacturers Impede European Ecommerce

Global Marketing News – 15th July 2016 Thousands Of Manufacturers Impede European Ecommerce Research by the German Federal Association of Ecommerce (BVOH) has found that 2,000 manufacturers are impeding European ecommerce by imposing restrictions on online retailers who want to … Read More


Baidu To Withdraw Some Ad Types

Global Marketing News – 14th July 2016 Baidu to withdraw some ad types Alibaba and Baidu are expecting a cut in earnings, due to increased taxes on search advertising in China. New rules to regulate paid searches from September were … Read More


Alibaba VR Demo Store Launches

Global Marketing News – 13th July 2016 Alibaba VR demo store launches The Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba is going to launch a demo virtual reality store later this month, with plans to roll out VR capabilities for all users by … Read More


Snapchat Clone Snow Takes Off In Asia

Global Marketing News – 8th July 2016 Snapchat clone Snow takes off in Asia A picture messaging app in South Korea, which bears a striking similarity to Snapchat, has taken off all around Asia. With filters, self-deleting image messaging and … Read More


Use Spanglish When Targeting US Hispanics

Global Marketing News – 7th July 2016 Use Spanglish when targeting US Hispanics Research by Culturati and Nielsen has investigated how best to target US Hispanics online. It found that ads that used “Spanglish” – a mixture of Spanish and … Read More


Baidu Sets Its Sights Beyond Asia

Global Marketing News – 6th July 2016 Baidu sets its sights beyond Asia Robin Li, the CEO of China’s most popular search engine Baidu, has said that the company intends to enter the US and European markets. Its rival Google … Read More