JD buys Walmart’s Chinese Online Store

Global Marketing News – 24th June 2016 JD Buys Walmart’s Chinese Online Store Retail giant Walmart, has announced that it has sold its Chinese ecommerce branch to the country’s second largest online store, JD. Yihaodian, which Walmart had previously paid … Read More


ICANN Expansion Of Domain Names Largest In History

Global Marketing News – 22nd June 2016 ICANN Expansion Of Domain Names Largest In History The non-profit internet organisation, ICANN, is looking to enable the largest expansion of the domain name system in history. The organisation is hoping to increase … Read More


Amazon Invests In Indian Ecommerce

Global Marketing News – 21st June 2016 Amazon Invests In Indian Ecommerce Amazon has significantly reduced the commission it takes from sellers in India, in order to undercut rivals Flipkart and Snapdeal. The move comes very soon after Flipkart came … Read More


Baidu Announces Cut In Quarterly Projection

Global Marketing News – 20th June 2016 Baidu Announces Cut In Quarterly Projection Baidu has announced a cut in its quarterly revenue projection, apparently due to the recent scrutiny it has come under regarding its paid search results. In the … Read More


India Uses Translation To Boost Online Growth

Global Marketing News – 16th June 2016 India Uses Translation To Boost Online Growth Growth in India’s ecommerce market is down to the translation of language. Because the internet in the country has almost exclusively been conducted in English, it … Read More


Microsoft Buys LinkedIn For $26.2 Billion

Global Marketing News – 14th June 2016 Microsoft buys LinkedIn for $26.2 billion Microsoft has announced one of the largest tech deals in history, after paying 26.2 billion US dollars for LinkedIn. In a deal worth 60 dollars per user, … Read More


Amazon Invests $3 Billion In Indian Market

Global Marketing News – 10th June 2016 Amazon invests $3 billion in Indian market Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, has announced that the company has made a 3 billion US dollar investment in the Indian market. Launched only 3 years ago, … Read More


Yandex And Facebook Allegedly To Form Partnership

Global Marketing News – 9th June 2016 Yandex and Facebook allegedly to form partnership Yandex is reportedly discussing a future partnership with the social networking giant Facebook. According to the Russian newspaper Vedomosti, working with Facebook would help Yandex to … Read More


Putin’s Chef Launches Attack Against Search Engines

Global Marketing News – 7th June 2016 Putin’s chef launches attack against search engines Vladimir Putin’s personal chef, Yevgeny Prigozhin, has filed lawsuits against the internet companies Google, Yandex and Mail.ru. He alleges that the companies have refused to remove … Read More


China Tightens Mobile Phone Real-Name Policy

Global Marketing News – 6th June 2016 China tightens mobile phone real-name policy The Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has announced a clamp down on real-name registration for mobile phones in the country. By July 2017, everyone in … Read More