Managing The Biddable Media Mix In Global Campaigns

Digital advertising campaigns today extend far beyond just search ads and encompass a range of tactics and techniques to help businesses reach a targeted, international audience. This week, Webcertain TV is joined by Head of Biddable Media for Cheapflights, Jim Banks, … Read More


Google Running Out Of Lives In France

Global Marketing News – 25th September 2015 Google running out of lives in France The French privacy watchdog the CNIL has said it will impose fines of up to 300,000 Euros, equivalent to around 335,000 US dollars, against Google unless … Read More


Baidu To Leave The USA

Global Marketing News – 23rd September 2015 Baidu to leave the USA The Chinese search engine Baidu is considering leaving the US stock market in order to focus its attention purely on the Chinese market. Baidu first appeared on the … Read More


China Excluded From Rocket Internet’s Asian Expansion

Global Marketing News – 18th September 2015 China excluded from Rocket Internet’s Asian expansion Rocket Internet has pledged to create a new business every three months in Asia, but is purposefully avoiding China. Rocket Internet is famous for helping to … Read More


Google Guilty of Abusing Dominance in Russia

Global Marketing News – 17th September 2015 Google guilty of abusing dominance in Russia The Russian anti-monopoly regulator has found Google guilty of “abusing its dominant market position” in the Russian mobile market. In February of this year, the search … Read More


Dell And InMobi Invest In Indian Ecommerce

Global Marketing News – 16th September 2015 Dell and InMobi invest in Indian ecommerce The computer manufacturer Dell and the online advertising company InMobi have joined forces in India. As part of the partnership, Dell will work with InMobi to … Read More


Yandex Targets China To Drive Growth

Global Marketing News – 15th September 2015 Yandex targets China to drive growth The Russian search engine Yandex has opened an office in Shanghai. It doesn’t plan to take on local giant Baidu in the Chinese search engine market directly, … Read More


India and Indonesia Targeted for Baidu Expansion

Global Marketing News – 11th September 2015 India and Indonesia targeted for Baidu expansion The Chinese search giant Baidu is looking to expand into India and Indonesia. Baidu has selected these countries due to their rapidly increasing smartphone populations, as … Read More