Zimbabwe To Implement China-Style Internet Censorship Regime

Global Marketing News – 11th April 2016 Zimbabwe to implement China-style internet censorship regime Zimbabwe’s President Mugabe has expressed a desire to introduce Chinese-style internet censorship rules to the country. In a speech that praised the usefulness of the internet … Read More


Amazon Launches Amazon Payments Partner Programme

Global Marketing News – 8th April 2016 Amazon launches Amazon Payments Partner Programme The international ecommerce giant Amazon has launched its Amazon Payments Partner Programme aimed at ecommerce platform providers and developers. Amazon Payments Partner Programme allows ecommerce companies to … Read More


EU Advances Its Investigation Into Google

Global Marketing News – 7th April 2016 EU advances its investigation into Google The European Commissioner Margrethe Vestager has said that the Commission is “advancing” its investigation into Google’s Android operating system and AdSense advertising service. The European Commission has … Read More


Mobile Ecommerce Behaviours In Europe Revealed

Global Marketing News – 5th April 2016 Mobile ecommerce behaviours in Europe revealed Research by Zanox has revealed the mobile ecommerce behaviours of several European countries. The UK and the Scandinavian countries came top when it came to the amount … Read More


Research Reveals Biggest Digital Growers And Slowers

Global Marketing News – 4th April 2016 Research reveals biggest digital growers and slowers Researchers from Tufts University have revealed which countries’ digital economies are growing the fastest. It measured countries’ digital economies based on supply-side factors, demand-side factors, innovations … Read More


The Problem Of Geo-Blocking In Europe

Global Marketing News –30th March 2016 The problem of geo-blocking in Europe Research by the European Commission has revealed that geo-blocking is a common problem in Europe. Geo-blocking is where a website stops internet users from certain countries from accessing … Read More


Bitcoin Adoption Is Surging In Latin America

Global Marketing News –22nd March 2016 Bitcoin adoption is surging in Latin America Bitcoin is one of the most popular virtual currencies in the world. In 2015, the number of people in Latin America who used the virtual currency rose … Read More