Snapchat Clone Snow Takes Off In Asia

Global Marketing News – 8th July 2016 Snapchat clone Snow takes off in Asia A picture messaging app in South Korea, which bears a striking similarity to Snapchat, has taken off all around Asia. With filters, self-deleting image messaging and … Read More


Use Spanglish When Targeting US Hispanics

Global Marketing News – 7th July 2016 Use Spanglish when targeting US Hispanics Research by Culturati and Nielsen has investigated how best to target US Hispanics online. It found that ads that used “Spanglish” – a mixture of Spanish and … Read More


Baidu Sets Its Sights Beyond Asia

Global Marketing News – 6th July 2016 Baidu sets its sights beyond Asia Robin Li, the CEO of China’s most popular search engine Baidu, has said that the company intends to enter the US and European markets. Its rival Google … Read More


New Data Surveillance Laws Approved In Russia

Global Marketing News – 1st July 2016 New data surveillance laws approved in Russia New data surveillance legislation has been approved by the Russian government. The new legislation states that online services, such as email and social network companies, need … Read More


Ecommerce Sites Brace For Uncertainty Following Brexit

Global Marketing News – 30th June 2016 Ecommerce sites brace for uncertainty following Brexit Ecommerce companies are bracing themselves for a period of uncertainty following the UK’s decision to leave the European Union. The pound has plummeted in value following … Read More


New Rules For Chinese Search Engines Revealed

Global Marketing News – 29th June 2016 New rules for Chinese search engines revealed The Chinese internet regulator has introduced new rules governing how search engines must operate in the country. The new rules state that search engines must provide … Read More


Instagram To Embrace Translation Technology

Global Marketing News – 28th June 2016 Instagram to embrace translation technology Instagram is due to implement translation technology into its service in the coming months. The feature will be available in the options tab under each image, and will … Read More


Roland-Garros Shows How To Do Social Media In Sport

  Global Marketing News – 27th June 2016 Roland-Garros shows how to do social media in sport This summer, France will enjoy its fair share of international sporting events, as it hosts the football European Championships in the country. However, … Read More


JD buys Walmart’s Chinese Online Store

Global Marketing News – 24th June 2016 JD Buys Walmart’s Chinese Online Store Retail giant Walmart, has announced that it has sold its Chinese ecommerce branch to the country’s second largest online store, JD. Yihaodian, which Walmart had previously paid … Read More


ICANN Expansion Of Domain Names Largest In History

Global Marketing News – 22nd June 2016 ICANN Expansion Of Domain Names Largest In History The non-profit internet organisation, ICANN, is looking to enable the largest expansion of the domain name system in history. The organisation is hoping to increase … Read More