Mobile Trumps Desktop In UK Online Retail

Global Marketing News – 1st February 2016 Mobile trumps desktop in UK online retail Research by SimilarWeb has revealed that a staggering 65% of UK online retail traffic came from mobile phones last year. The sites with the biggest proportions … Read More


Is AI The Future Of Search?

Global Marketing News – 29th January 2016 Is AI the future of search? The leading Chinese tech company Baidu has announced that it will be investing more money in supercomputing technologies. Baidu’s President announced the news in a Bloomberg TV … Read More


780 Million Bad Adverts Removed By Google In 2015

Global Marketing News – 27th January 2016 780 million bad adverts removed by Google in 2015 Google has revealed that it removed 780 million “bad” adverts globally last year. Adverts were removed if they promoted counterfeit products, used deceptive tactics … Read More


Programmatic Advertising Delivers Best Digital Return

Global Marketing News – 26th January 2016 Programmatic advertising delivers best digital return Research by AdRoll has found that digital advertisers are planning to increase their spending on programmatic advertising more than any other form of advertising this year, with … Read More


Weibo To Abolish 140 Character Limit

Global Marketing News – 25th January 2016 Weibo to abolish 140 character limit The leading Chinese social network Weibo has announced that it will be abolishing its 140 character limit. Weibo is one of the most popular social networks in … Read More


Start-Ups Get A Rocket Fuelled Boost With New Fund

Global Marketing News – 22nd January 2016 Start-ups get a rocket fuelled boost with new fund Rocket Internet has launched a new fund worth 420 million US dollars. Rocket Internet is famous for helping to launch internet-related companies in new … Read More


Friends Reunited To Close Down

Global Marketing News – 21st January 2016 Friends Reunited to close down One of the world’s first social networks, Friends Reunited, has announced that it will soon be closing down. Friends Reunited was launched in 2000 and was designed to … Read More


Cash Is King In World Of Indian Ecommerce

Global Marketing News – 20th January 2016 Cash is king in world of Indian ecommerce The ecommerce giant Amazon has revealed that around half of its customers in India use the cash-on-delivery payment option. This is largely due to the … Read More


Has Baidu Been Cheating Users For Profit?

Global Marketing News – 19th January 2016 Has Baidu been cheating users for profit? The Chinese internet giant Baidu is coming under intense criticism from furious users following the revelation that the company has been profiting from giving incorrect or … Read More


YouTube Fights Censorship By Releasing Urdu Version

Global Marketing News – 18th January 2016 YouTube fights censorship by releasing Urdu version YouTube has launched a localised version of its website targeting the Pakistani market, despite the fact it is currently blocked in the country. is written … Read More