Wikipedia To Create Its Own Search Engine

Global Marketing News – 23rd February 2016 Wikipedia to create its own search engine Wikimedia Discovery The online encyclopaedia Wikipedia has announced that it is going to build its own search engine. It intends to spend 2.5 million US dollars … Read More


Ecommerce Has Limitations Warns International Retailer

Global Marketing News – 19th February 2016 Ecommerce has limitations warns international retailer The German electronics retail company Media-Saturn Group has said that it wants to expand its network of physical stores after admitting that ecommerce has its limitations. 8% … Read More


New Search Engine Launches Targeting Albania

Global Marketing News – 15th February 2016 New search engine launches targeting Albania A new search engine has just launched in Albania. Gjirafa has been created specifically with the Albanian language in mind, and its creators want it to grow … Read More


Amazon Steps Up Global Retail Domination

Global Marketing News – 12th February 2016 Amazon steps up global retail domination The international ecommerce giant Amazon is rumoured to be planning to launch a global distribution network called Dragon Boat. The scheme would help facilitate cross-border ecommerce on … Read More


WeChat Sets Its Eyes On Africa

Global Marketing News – 11th February 2016 WeChat sets its eyes on Africa The Chinese social app WeChat is setting its sights on the emerging African market. WeChat is a social network, messaging service, video and voice calling service and … Read More


Luxury Retailer To Capitalise On European Ecommerce Growth

Global Marketing News – 9th February 2016 Luxury retailer Michael Kors to capitalise on European ecommerce growth The luxury fashion retailer Michael Kors has announced that it is going to expand its online presence internationally. It currently operates ecommerce websites … Read More