App stores in China

App Stores In China – Google And Apple Who?

An Introduction to the Chinese Smartphone and OS Landscape China has a relatively complex app store landscape that is very different to what we are familiar with in the West, but the rewards are big for app developers who can … Read More

How To Increase App Downloads Worldwide

How To Increase App Downloads Worldwide

With the undisputable whirlwind of smart-device adoption sweeping the globe, it’s perhaps unsurprising that increasing app downloads (and revenues) are the knock-on effect. According to recent estimates by Gartner, global app downloads will increase by 37% in 2014 to 139 … Read More

Seznam Goes Where Google Hasn’t Yet Dared

Seznam Goes Where Google Hasn’t Yet Dared, a Czech web portal and search engine and the main competitor of Google in the Czech Republic, announced new changes in its search engine last month. The changes are initially being tested in Slovakia where Seznam has launched a … Read More

International Search Summit - Paid Search

Focus On Mobile Will Drive International PPC Wins

Paid Search is a vital part of the online marketing mix for many organisations, especially those targeting multiple languages and regions. In an interview before her paid search session at the International Search Summit London on 22nd October, Tor Crockatt, … Read More