Yandex search

Yandex Launches Real-Time Personalised Search

Yandex has today announced an iteration of its personalised search results, which sees the Russian search leader add a new real-time dimension to the personalisation features it launched in December 2012. The roll out back then allowed Yandex to consider users’ … Read More

Obstacles to Ad Copy Translation

3 Obstacles To Ad Copy Translation

Following my last post concerning the limits of translation as applied to ad campaign keywords, I would now like to go on and examine how problematic translation can be when it comes to ad copy, again with English-to-French translation as … Read More

Yandex Launches Visually-Enhanced Ads On Its Ad Network

Whether you’re running campaigns on the Yandex Advertising Network or participating as a publisher, yesterday’s announcement that Yandex will be offering integration of images into its contextual ads could prove beneficial for everyone involved. From an advertiser’s perspective, the option … Read More