Russia To Block Google, Facebook And Twitter

Global Marketing News – 27th May 2015 Russia to block Google, Facebook and Twitter Russian authorities have threatened to fine and block Google, Facebook and Twitter for allegedly breaking the Russian “blogging law”. The law in question says that bloggers … Read More


Taiwan Orders Taobao To Leave The Country

Global Marketing News – 26th May 2015 Taiwan orders Taobao to leave the country Taobao, the arm of Alibaba that deals with consumer-to-consumer ecommerce, has been ordered to end all business in Taiwan and leave the country within the next … Read More


Baidu Pursuing Mobile Strategy In Indonesia

Global Marketing News – 21st May 2015 Baidu pursuing mobile strategy in Indonesia Baidu is pushing a strong mobile strategy in its attempt to break into the Indonesian market. Although Baidu does not have an Indonesian homepage, it opened an … Read More

Alibaba's Sales Grow

Alibaba Sees Sales Increase By 40%

Global Marketing News – 14th May Alibaba Sees Sales Increase By 40% Alibaba has reported a 40% growth in sales for the last quarter. Chinese consumers have purchased 600 billion Yuan worth of products through the Chinese e-commerce site in … Read More