Panel Debate – Link Building, What is the best type of Link?

This is the first afternoon session of the day (unfortunately there have been problems with the WIFI so I wasn’t able to blog all sessions). The focus is on links and linking.

Which is the best link ? From a relevant website ? well yes but good links are those that generate traffic.

The ideal link is an editorial link (within a text) – an opinion is that generally any link is good if there is no filtering – Google likes relevant links (but then what is relevant for Google??).

301 REDIRECTS in theory should pass on text value – the closer the moved content is to the original, the higher the probability the text value of the link is passed on.

PAI LINKS … could be a short term solution but don’t count on them on the long run. There are industries where companies pay their way to the top (a fact of life) – it’s a matter of understanding what your competitors are doing.

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Sante J. Achille