Whats up with Google?

I was running a reverse IP check to see how many and what sites where hosted at the same server/IP as my client. While I was doing that I desited to check how Google was storing their sites, how many IP addresses they where using etc. – This is part of what I found (Note these sites are hosted at the same server as Google.com)

(Some of the) Search Results for (I found 137 sites)

These I understand:
ogogle.com, googlee.com and googlie.com

But these not:
http://www.azertyuiopqsdfghjklmwxcvbn.com/ (Why these letters?)
http://www.glorious-time.com/ (Are they refering to Google?)
http://www.38389438.com/ (Whos number are these?)
http://www.jennifer-wanderer.com/ (Someones daughter maybe, mom, syster or wife?)
http://www.thedinnerpartynetwork.com/ (Fun, fun, fun, fun and Google)
http://www.xn--yvonne-schrder-5pb.com/ (Hmmmmm???)

Then there is this

What’s going on in Google World?

I did not go through: and

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Kristjan Mar Hauksson

10 Responses to Whats up with Google?

  1. AvatarKristjan Mar Hauksson says:

    Translation proplems 🙂

  2. Avataralex says:

    The 466453.com domain is a well known geeky domain for google.

    Baidu-inc was registered for a third person and redirected to google. Goog dsnt host baidu 😛

  3. AvatarKristjan Mar Hauksson says:

    Alex seams to have an explanation on http://www.466453.com “it is ‘Google’ written in ‘telephone format'”. The game is afoot!

  4. AvatarKristjan Mar Hauksson says:

    So if I understand you right Alex, Google is Hosting Baidu, their main competition in China?

  5. Avatarjoe says:

    You’re right. The reverse IP is ok. I think this is probably related to Google being a domain registrar, and inheriting these domains from whichever company they bought

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  7. AvatarJoe says:

    How did you perform the reverse IP check ?

    the reverse IP returns one or zero hosts. Finding out the virtual hosts in the same IP can not be done easily . I think your results are wrong

  8. AvatarKristjan Mar Hauksson says:

    There was a list of strange URL’s there, thanks for this info. I did not do any indepth analysis but they seam to be into word games.

  9. Avataralex says:

    about the azertyuiop… url, check this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AZERTY is not very common, but i had heard about this keyboards

    I dont know ANYTHING (even searching a bit on SE’s) about the other URL’s


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