Yahoo China sues software developer’s Yahoo China filed a lawsuit against for unfair-competition. The lawsuit was filed in Beijing’s No. 2 Intermediate People’s Court. Beijing Sanjiwuxian Internet Technology, which operates the Web portal, distributes software , “360safe”, that urges users to unistall the Yahoo Toolbar which reports as malware . was founded by former Yahoo China General Manager Zhou Hongyi. Zhou sued Yahoo China in the same Beijing court for libel and defamation.

Alibaba has been under attack by Qihoo … We’re being singled out,” Tsai added.

In response, Qihoo said that many Web users saw the Yahoo! toolbar as “hostile” software.

“Our 360safe software … is not targeted at any given company or individual. We advise Yahoo! China to face up to its own issues,” Qihoo said in an emailed statement.

Sources: Rueters Forbes

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