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Yandex Introduces New PPC Conversion Strategy For Advertisers

Yandex PPC strategies
Yesterday, a new bidding strategy was introduced in the Yandex PPC advertising interface.

“The average price of conversion” strategy aims to display your ads to searchers who are most likely to convert on your website for a specific cost per conversion. This is yet another step forward from Yandex to increase effectiveness of advertising efforts on the Russian platform.

However, in order to apply the strategy, certain conditions must be met:

  1. You need to have a Yandex Metrica account
  2. Yandex Metrica counter has to be installed on your website (ideally on all pages of your website or just the landing page which you wish to track)
  3. You have to specify goals in Yandex Metrica
  4. The total number of completed goals in the last 28 days should not be smaller than 40

When setting up the strategy, you need to specify your desired cost per conversion and the goal.

Yandex Average Price of Conversion Strategy

In the following two non-mandatory fields you can specify your weekly budget as well as the maximum cost per click which you wish to pay.

Yandex Introduces New PPC Conversion Strategy

yandex expert course

This is an automated strategy, which means that it will control your bid management, giving more exposure to keywords with higher chances of converting at the targeted level.

To make this strategy work effectively, Yandex uses a complex system of forecasting, query statistics data, forecasts of CTR and conversions, and click prices to name a few.

Conversion rates depend on advertisers’ ability to attract searchers to their websites as well as their landing pages effectiveness. If you switch on this strategy and at a later point decide to pause your campaign or, for example, update your website’s design, edit campaign settings by adding new keywords, or set a new CPA, then the system will take time to adjust to these changes once you set it live again. As a result, you may not achieve your desired results straight away.

The data is analysed in full week format. You may attract conversions for prices higher or lower than your target, but the system will always aim to achieve your desired CPA as the average figure during the given week.

With the introduction of ‘Average price per conversion’, the number of strategies available on Yandex now totals 8. You can find more information on the various Yandex strategies here. Or watch this interview below:

yandex expert course

Justyna Wilner

Justyna Wilner

Head of International Marketing School at Webcertain
Justyna is a successful marketing professional with 5 years experience in managing international and multilingual advertising campaigns across a variety of industries including B2B, e-commerce and the non-profit sector. She is a Yandex, Google AdWords and Bing PPC specialist, and has been trained at the Yandex headquarters in Moscow and Istanbul. She was the first non-Russian speaking person in the world to pass the Yandex.Expert test (in 2013). She has also developed the Yandex Expert course at the International Marketing School, where she is the leading tutor. The school delivers the only training course officially approved by Yandex and teaches international advertising specialists how to run successful advertising campaigns in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Turkey using the Yandex search and display platforms. Since 2015, Justyna has also become head of the International Marketing School. You can follow Justyna on Twitter at @JustynaWilner

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  1. Sachin Ruhela says:

    Hello, You have mentioned in your post “automated strategy” so what happened in Google Adwords PPC, if we select automatic option than they have decided the keyword cost and get the huge profit. So again if we select automatic here so will be the same like Google Adwords PPC…?

    • Justyna Wilner says:

      Hi Sachin. Thanks for your comment. If your main goal is to gain as many conversions as possible for the selected CPA then as long as the selected automated strategy achieves this result there is no need to worry about the CPC. However, if you want to make sure that the CPC is never higher than, let’s say $2.00 Yandex allows you to put a cap to control this. Google doesn’t. Hope this helps! :)

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