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58% are online in Germany

According to a recent study by ARD/ZDF Online, there are now 57.9% of Germans aged from 14 that are online (37.5 Million people). More pensioners and those unemployed have come online as broadband costs sink. The prognosis is for the upward trend to continue as more and more pensioners and unemployed find online access affordable.

The average time spent online has risen from 43 minutes to 46 minutes per day.

By the year 2010 it is reckoned that 70% of the population over 14 years old will be online. This is significant and online businesses might want to start thinking about products and services that target the elderly.

I seriously believe that in Germany there is a gap in the market for online presences that cater for the elderly. Germany is quite behind in some online sectors and this is one of them.

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