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Iceland takes on the role as world's data storage leader

With the completion of a second undersea cable between Iceland and the UK scheduled for 2008 the country will add yet another reason to the long list of why it is being considered one of the best places in the world for high-security data storage. Iceland is not only a peaceful country but also rich on energy, space and technology knowledge. Not forgetting the stable economic environment.
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Reykjavik Internet Marketing Conference

Don’t miss a first-class event on Internet Marketing, the fastest growing marketing sector in the world. Organised by Nordic eMarketing in cooperation with Multilingual search and one of Internets most influential person Chris Sherman. Nordic eMarketing ltd. Reykjavik Iceland invites … Read More

Leit.is opens search.is

Leit.is opens search.is specially for foreign markets. This is a crawler based engine writen in the US by a partly owned Icelandic company, MUNAX LLC.

The Icelandic search engine landscape

Nordic eMarketing has been doing a research on search engine usage in Iceland. Beside the International major players like Google, Yahoo and MSN there are couple of regional engines. Final results for this research will be published later this year … Read More

Baidu first to arrive

Is Baidu expanding? This is the third time in row that the spider from Baidu is the first to arrive on sites that I am marketing. Baiduspider+(+http://www.baidu.com/search/spider.htm). Seeing that the search engine has been around for some time and I … Read More