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Whats up with Google?

I was running a reverse IP check to see how many and what sites where hosted at the same server/IP as my client. While I was doing that I desited to check how Google was storing their sites, how many … Read More

Iceland leading in broadband usage

Iceland (pop 300.000) is the most web-savvy country – a recent study shows it has the highest concentration of broadband users. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) found that broadband was also widespread in South Korea, the Netherlands … Read More

New GSM service provider in Iceland

A new company, only Internet based, opened the first of April. The company is called SKO and is owned by the same company, Dagsbrun, that operates Vodafone in Iceland. Their services will only be Internet based, no “phone” support and … Read More

New Yellow Pages in Iceland

The Portal Visir.is, owned by Iceland largest media company, just added to their services “Yellow Pages” called ALLT. This is a addition to their other services in other more “traditional” media. There is currently no none Icelandic search. The company … Read More

Google opens google in iceland

Google has opened www.google.is as a regional version of their search engine. They seem to be recognizing Iceland as a viable market even though it’s small. They have even made Picasa in Icelandic – http://picasa.google.com/intl/is/!

The Iceland Search Landscape

There are three regional search engines in Iceland leit.is (Home Made / no www) finna.is (Home Made /Google for www through XML) Embla (Home Made / No www) Then there is Google and Ha.is (the fourth local one, mostly used … Read More

Iceland boasts a new search engine

Iceland’s most visited online medium just launched a new search engine that understands Icelandic. Thanks to our unique letters like the funky “d” and a letter that looks like “b” but with a twist, we have been having minor prolems … Read More

Iceland Telecom sold to highest bidder

The ex-government owned Iceland Telecom has been sold. This major player on the Iceland Telecom market was privatized recently and sold to highest bidding Investors. The future prospects of Iceland Telecom’s operations are good and the company has a strong … Read More