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Italians dislike online publicity

A recent survey by Adlab@go a research laboratory of the University of Udine and Gorizia reports on how online users perceive online publicity. The survey was conducted in the north east of Italy and shows …

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State of the mobile web: First Quarter, 2008

Opera Software, maker of the Opera browser, has recently released the first quarter study related to internet usage in relation with mobile phones using the Opera mini browser. Information contained in the report is based on aggregated data from Opera … Read More

Link building

Dixon Jones – Receptional Getting indexed is the easy bit – problems arise when you start building brand – 3 elements are central to your placement query site links Now that links are imperative problems arise on how to interpret … Read More

Content management issues and SEO

Kristjan Mar Hauksson – Nordic eMarketing Technical issues can kill your website – missed opportunities. In many cases CMS is at the base of the problem. People are more likely to click on URLs that are READABLE (transparent and understandable)  … Read More

FTSE 100 Companies and SEO

Eyal Haik – WebCertain 45 companies out of 100 were examined – many of them have little global web presence. There was an inconsistent approach to implementation (for examp on the TLDs) Scorese ranged from 23 to 78% – a … Read More

Doing Business in Asia

Barry Lloyd gives an interesting presentation on doing business in Asia. All Asian countries are very very different Cultures are different and totally different from western customs Getting products in front of your target market is easier than any previous … Read More

Geolocalisation and Search Engine Issues

John Brenne – Geolocalisation, hosting and domain issues Local links Ip address domains language telling the engine what makes your site regional ? your domain name sublevel domains country code all require local links you can identify the language with … Read More