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Search engine optimization growth levels 6.7%

Marketing Sherpa has released an annual research study into the state of search engine optimisation (SEO). The study reveals a significant customer satisfaction amongst those employing organic placement with search engine traffic increments ranging from 73% to 110% for those … Read More

Human search engine prototype – Jatalla

Jatalla is an new and interesting way to organize and explore the web. Unlike “traditional search engines” Jatalla’s motor are people, called to describe a web site based on their experience as users. Jatalla relies only upon relevance rankings performed … Read More

Top Italian blogs

Interested in the most popular blogs in Italy ? Qix offers a list of the top 200 blogs providing an insight as to what Italians are following, and trends in Italian blogging. Politics (Beppe Grillo) , Blogging (WordPress), Search Engines … Read More

Europe studies the Web 2.0 phenomenon with TAGora

TAGora is a Research Project funded by the European Union. The TAGora project aims at exploiting the unique opportunities offered by the increasing popularity of computer-mediated social interaction and social networks. The project will develop along several lines: A systematic … Read More

E-commerce statistics Italy 2006

Il Sole 24 Ore ha reported e-commerce B2C (business-to-consumer) numbers are on the rise with a 45% increase when compared to 2005, and an economic value of 4 billion Euros, still les than 1% of goods and services sold in … Read More

Integration of blogs and journalism

The European Journalism Observatory presents the results of a recent study conducted in Europe on the progressive integration of blogs and traditional media, and how Journalists are relying more and more on blogs to pick up new stories. … Read More