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Baidu's Robin Li to keynote at ad:tech Shanghai

Robin Li, CEO of the world’s leading Chinese search engine Baidu, will be the keynote speaker at ad:tech. ad:tech, a global interactive marketing event, will be held in Shanghai, Novermber 25 – 26, 2008 at the Shanghai International Convention and Exhibition Center. Day 2 keynote speakers will be Harry Hui, Chief Marketing Officer of PepsiCo International, China Beverages and S Y Lau, EVP online media, Tencent.

“In 2008, China’s net-using population has surpassed the US to become the world’s biggest, with 253 million people according to the latest report.’ Robin Li, CEO of Baidu said: “This has brought SEM with greater development opportunities, so I believe that more and more Chinese enterprises will set up departments within the next 5 years to learn and promote SEM.”

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