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Japanese consumers buying cycle

I just read the survey taken by OPT and Cross Marketing with 300 male and female Blog and SNS users in Japan. It has interesting results about what have the impact on Japanese consumers in purchasing products and services. Q. … Read More

Gmail is available for everyone in Japan

Google’s Gmail account is now available for general public without an invitation in Japan. Currently, Google is the default search engine on mobile “au” through the tie-up with KDDI. Gmail may become “au”‘s mobile mailer soon??? Gmail is also available … Read More

Internet usage trend in holiday season in Japan

“Obon” (Aug 10-16) is one of the biggest holiday season in Japan. More and more people use Internet to obtain leisure related information such as travel booking, attraction, and weather. On the other hand, people are busy with their vacation … Read More

Overture Japan ads now appear on mixi SNS

Overture Japan began serving ads to Japan’s No.1 social networking service “mixi” on July 27. The content-match ads appear on the mixi content search results pages. On July 26, mixi announced that its membership reached 5 million on July 24. … Read More

44% of Japanese mobile users click ads

Mobile Research with goo, a project run by goo research and Japan.internet.com, announced the results of the Mobile Search research. 1083 mobile users in Japan participated in the research, 43.4% male and 56.6% female. Yahoo mobile is the most popular … Read More

More mobile net users than PC net users in Japan

The latest research by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication shows that there are more mobile Internet users (approx. 69.23mil) than PC Internet users (approx. 66.01mil) in Japan for the first time in history. It also shows 57% (approx. 48.62mil) … Read More

PSI-Japan begins ".mobi" domain registration

PSI-Japan has begun accepting the applications for new domain “.mobi” for mobile sites. From May 22 to 29, the registration is limited to the member companies and organizations to GSMA, CTIA, MMA, CWTA, and MEF for their registered trademarks. From … Read More

New affiliate organization in Japan

JASK (Japan Affiliate Service Kyokai) was established on May 12th. They will exchange and provide the information and the services with affiliate service providers, including: – increase the understanding of the affiliate programs – monitor improper activities and exchange the … Read More