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Content Management Issues and SEO

Kristjan Mar Hauksson – Nordic eMarketing

Technical issues can kill your website – missed opportunities. In many cases CMS is at the base of the problem.

People are more likely to click on URLs that are READABLE (transparent and understandable)  – all search engines still have problems with dynamic URLs (although they are getting better and better).

Languag is a criical issue with many CMSs (special characters) , don’t handle multiple stylesheets and/or templates.

There are CMS systems that do not manage META DATA (early 2008).

90% of websites are not optimised properly for search engines.

Who should choose the system – don’t delegate to the IT department, create a shrt list of critical functionalities – it is a marketing tool !

Use XENU to test your website –  if the spider gets into a loop then your website has an architecture problem.

Think ahead – avoid last minute basis decisions.

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Sante J. Achille

4 Responses to Content Management Issues and SEO

  1. AvatarFreelance Project says:

    it’s comman idea!!

  2. AvatarMr. Optimize Your Web says:

    The main thing is to choose wisely and not get locked in with a system that kills all your online efforts.

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