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Ebay India Encourages Women To Drive Ecommerce

Global Marketing News – 24th July 2015

Ebay India launches #SheMeansBusiness to encourage women into ecommerce

Ebay India and Your Story have partnered up to launch a campaign called #SheMeansBusiness, an initiative designed to encourage women in India to become entrepreneurs and sell their products online.

Female entrepreneurs can submit their success stories from now until 15th August, in either written, video or audio format.

These entries will then be judged by a panel of judges, with the winner getting their story published on the popular Indian website Your Story, as well as receiving free listings on Ebay for 4 months.

There are currently around 1 million Indians selling their products online, of whom just 20% are women. Around 5,000 Indian women are currently using Ebay to sell their products.

In order to encourage more women to take advantage of ecommerce, Ebay India has also been running workshops for women to teach them how to run a business online.

Talking about the #SheMeansBusiness campaign, Ebay  said: “Ebay India has been encouraging and supporting women entrepreneurs for over a decade now… We want to further encourage and support women entrepreneurs from across India to realise and fulfil their dreams and take their businesses to a global customer base.”

Service providers in UAE adapting to internet age

Service providers in the UAE are increasingly turning to the internet to grow their businesses.

Cleaning, taxi and courier companies are adapting to the UAE’s high internet penetration rate, where 78% of people in the country own a smartphone.

Maids.ae is one such company. The company allows users to hire a cleaner via their website or mobile app, and has seen 25% year-on-year growth. The company has been so successful that it has since expanded to Kuwait and Qatar.

A spokesperson for maids.ae has also said that it has been using the internet to help promote the business, stressing the importance of social media advertising.

Made.com raises $60 million for European expansion

The online furniture retailer Made.com has raised 60 million US dollars in funding to help it to expand across Europe.

Made.com currently sells products in the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France and Italy and has said that it will use the money to further penetrate these countries.

The retailer saw profits of £43 million last year, a staggering increase of 63% on the previous year. Around 30% of profits came from international sales, with the company saying that it hopes to increase this to 50% in the coming years.

Made.com was launched in 2010 and sells designer furniture at reduced prices by cutting out the middleman and connecting buys directly with designers.

iQiyi denies Youku Tudou takeover rumours

Baidu’s video streaming subsidiary iQiyi has denied rumours that its competitor Youku Tudou is planning to buy it.

Rumours that Youku Toudu could buy iQiyi within 2 months began circulating last week. This is the second time this year that iQiyi has had to deny a takeover by its competitor, following similar rumours in May.

iQiyi is one of the key video streaming companies in China. Its paid subscription service hit five million subscribers in June, an increase of 765% from the previous year.

AI-monitored social network Lemon launches in Japan

And finally, a new social network called Lemon has launched in Japan.

People who want to join Lemon will have their existing social profiles screened by a specially created Artificial Intelligence. Only users who are judged to have an “affinity” with at least 30% of existing Lemon users will be allowed to join.

The social network is aimed at university students, including post-grads doing Masters degrees and PhDs. Leading industry figures are also likely to be able to join in the future.

Lemon has said it hopes to be a network where forward-thinking students can communicate with one another and make “meaningful” connections.

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