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EURid defends procedure in place for .EU registrations

The recent allegations of registry mismanagement by Bob Parson have been partially dismissed by EURid spokesman Patrik Lindén as reported by Punto Informatico earlier today. Mr Lindén reportedly stated that manipulations may have occured due to the presence of phantom registrars, and defended the EURid criteria which provides each registrar with a maximum of 5 IP addresses, each providing 1 connection per second. In this way each registrar is allowed up to 5 simultaneous registrations and is then disconnected from the servers.

The European Registry of Internet Domain Names provides statistics related to the number of domains registered as well as the geographical destribution of .eu domains registered so far.

EURid provides and up to date status report on the active domain names at:


It is the duty of all .EU buyers to voice alleged complaints with regard to registrars in the interests of Europeans and European Industry who should be entitled to a .eu domain name without spending ridiculous amounts of money …

  1. Is there something wrong with the process ??
  2. If so what’s wrong ??
  3. Who made the mistake ??
  4. How can things be fixed ??
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Sante J. Achille

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