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Europe leads in mobile internet access

eMarketer reports on Internet access via mobile devices.

The study was conducted in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, and the US. while 29% of European Internet users regularly access the Internet from their mobile phones, only 19% of US users were accessing the web via their mobile devices.

The highest mobile Web penetration was in Germany, Italy and the UK (at 34% each), followed by France and Spain, and the US.

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Sante J. Achille

3 Responses to Europe leads in mobile internet access

  1. Claudio says:

    There are several reasons why Europeans consumers are most likely to adopt faster mobile tecnologies than US consumers. There are less restricted carriers in EU than the US and they are more wap awareness usage as well. everything falls into content availabilty and how US users will look for content via mobile. Wireless Social Networking by T9space.com.

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  3. David Temple says:

    While the study you refer to focus on the European market, if you add in Japan and China you can clearly see that the US is lagging far behind the rest of the world with regards to Internet access via mobile. This is a strange phenomenon that doesn’t seem to have any clear cut answers. One theory, regarding the gap between China and US mobile internet users is the fact that the penetration of home computers in the US is higher than that of China. Also nearly everyone in China has a cell phone but many don’t have a computer. Who knows why we aren’t there yet.

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