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Expanding your business into Russia or China?

Russia and China offer great potential for international brands, but there are several things to be aware of when targeting these markets. Russia and China both have unique digital landscapes, so you will need an in-depth understanding of how these two markets differ from other markets in order to effectively grow your business in these regions.

Come join us in London on 7 March 2019, when we’ll be discussing practical tips for getting started in Russia and China, tactics for leveraging opportunities on major platforms and channels and sharing examples of brands seeing success in these markets.

These two half-day country-focused events are designed to give you the tools you’ll need to develop the tailored approach required to achieve online success in these markets.

In the meantime, here are some reasons why Russia and China are quickly becoming popular destinations for international businesses:

Why target Russia?

  • e-commerce to grow to $24.8b by 2023
  • sixth-largest economy in the world
  • outbound tourism increased by almost 50%
  • Europe’s largest online market
  • language learning is the fastest growing sector

Why target China?

  • the world’s second-largest economy
  • 42% of global e-commerce comes from China
  • China’s digital economy set to reach $16 trillion by 2035
  • China leads the world in industrial output
  • WeChat ecosystem and social, discovery-based shopping lifestyle

Below is a list of upcoming events, please click on each event to learn more.

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Remi Bako

Marketing and Events Manager at Webcertain
Remi Bako is the Marketing and Events Manager at Webcertain, responsible for the planning and delivery of lead generating marketing and communication campaigns and events to support the business across all regions. Her role includes positioning Webcertain as a thought-leader in international digital marketing across a variety of key knowledge-sharing opportunities and promoting customer engagement and loyalty through segmented and personalised campaign-driven communications.

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