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Gmail free for all in Brazil

Since last week anyone can sign-in to Google’s free webmail. Until now you needed an invitation from an user.
Brasil accounts for second largest number of Gmail users, boosted by Orkut.

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4 Responses to Gmail free for all in Brazil

  1. Sam says:

    My Brazilian friend says they cannot create a gmail account because you are refusing their password. What difference does it make what their password is !!! What is the criteria for opening a gmail account from brazil. would it be possible to open one from the US and let them know what it is? of course changing their password when they configure it. I thank you in advance for a rapid response.

  2. Harry Clough says:

    You you advise me of a good provider in Brasil?

  3. mohammad ahmad says:

    i want to get a free g mail account

  4. David Temple says:

    Good move by Google to open up gmail and let everyone have an account.

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