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Google News in Sweden

Google News has launched a Beta version in Sweden. http://news.google.se/
The newspapers are abit scared and headlines are out about the incident in Belgium when Google got sued for linking to newspapers in the region. The Newspapers in Belgium won that battle and Google had to remove the links…

The only real search competitor in the market will be Sesam: http://www.sesam.se/search/?c=m&newscountry=Sverige&q=

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3 Responses to Google News in Sweden

  1. David Temple says:

    Thanks Sara, I know the Chinees like their home grown search engine Baidu with nearly 50% of market share. I hope Sesam can provide that something special. Go Sesam! By the way does Sesam mean anything in particular?

  2. Sara Andersson says:

    I think Sesam has the advatage to be first in the market with this info, though they are very small. I havent seen any stats on this yet, but Google is still nb one with about 75% of the market ans Im guessing about 5% (if that much even) uses Sesam. I will let you know when I have more reliable stats.

  3. David Temple says:

    That’s interesting. I’ve heard of Google getting sued for many things but never for linking to newspapers. Good job protecting your content Swedish newspaper companies. Sesam may have a way to go to catch up though. What’s the market share for Google and Sesam now?

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