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GSM, GPRS and internet connection at the Icelandic glaciers

Travellers can now connect to the internet, talk on GSMs and use GPRS whilst on the glaciers, tried and tested on the top of Snaefellsjokull glacier the GSM connection was fine (Snaefellsjokull glacier is where the Jules Verns story Journey to the center of the Universe starts). This is done for security reasons, due to the fact that glaciers are huge tourist attractions in Iceland.

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Kristjan Mar Hauksson

6 Responses to GSM, GPRS and internet connection at the Icelandic glaciers

  1. learn to play keno says:

    I have been using wireless internet via. gprs for the past one month and it is my worst experience as far as the internet connection is concern. Download speed is extremely slow and uploading speed is a way step ahead.

  2. Akande Sunday says:

    Does it applicable in any part of the world?

  3. Akande Sunday says:

    Hey my people, I need that package that makes it work.
    How do i get it?

  4. sofien says:

    hi i want a freeware to localise phones by gprs

  5. smith says:

    i just got a news that theres is a company somewhere,that allows u to connect to the internet thru the gprs network….they’ve got three layers of speed…i don’t really understand,, i need to hear more….pls find out more abour it

  6. AMIT says:

    yes, its good

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