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Infographic: Mobile search growth in mid-Western Europe

Looking at the growth of mobile search in mid-Western Europe over the past year, the UK has been overtaken by Ireland and Denmark as the European country with the largest share of connected search traffic coming from mobiles. Mobile search is not surprisingly growing, however the rate at which it is growing varies quite significantly according to country. In this regard, popularity growth of mobile search is most rapid in Ireland (9.4%), Denmark (8.7%), United Kingdom (5.5%), Switzerland (5.1%), and Austria (5%).

There are also countries, however, in which mobile search growth during last year was less than 1%. Those countries include e.g. Lithuania (0.9%), Slovakia (0.6%) and Croatia (0.0%).

Moreover, the infographic shows that the mobile user experience impacts on growth rate, i.e. the more websites that are optimised for mobile, the higher the growth in mobile searches tends to be.


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