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International Search Summit – YANDEX

This is first time YANDEX is being presented outside Russia – Eugene Lomize – Yandex.

Yandex is THE leading search engine in Russia.

The presentation will be on contextual advertising in russia , Yandex is number 1 portal.

The Russian Internet audience.there are particularities – Russinas are:

  • Reluctant to read English – Russians
  • Do no trust online communications, they call and do not trust online banks –
  • More than half sales are paid in cash on delivery !
  • All the metrics about secured pages are pretty much useless in this market
  • 33% of russians are weekly users about 19 million users – big growth potential.
  • There are mainly DSL connections
  • Younger people (12-17) are most active with a peak in Moscow – typical of Russia,
  • Moscow is like a separate country.
  • Leading Search Eninges Russia:
    • Yandex
    • Google.com
    • Mail.ru
    • Rambler.ru

(liveinternet.ru stats)

  • Google has taken traffic from rambler.ru
  • mail.ru is in the business of mail hosting (mail portal using Yandex as search technology)
  • The share is stable, the audience is growing
  • Internet Advertising Market in Russia.
  • Figures from 2007 are presented – display ads and contextual, display ads look like they will go down with the crisis, contextual will probably stay stable.Contextual Advertising (October 2008)
  • Yandex 60%
  • Google 32%
  • Begun 9%

Search traffic is the best traffic, slightly better in quality.

Bidding: On Yandex it’s in units (1 unit = 30 Rub, aprox 1 USD)

Begun – in RubelsMinimum order: Yandex 300 Rub. with monthly budget above 21.000 Rub you get a personal manager (english speaking)

Begun 140 rubModeration: be prepared to produce certificates to advertise alcohol tobacco medicine, etc.

Yandex – do not accept irrelevant keywords

Begun is “tolerant” in moderation

Yandex has “authorized agencies” they are marked as “reliable” – they are careful on the service provided not so much the turn over. they are relatively reliable.

Yandex Direct Now:more than 50.000 advertisers monthly more than 1.200.000 active ads monthlymore than 3.500.000 active keywords in ads monthly

  • More than 40% of Yandex reach is in Moscow, then St. Petersburg,
  • Other russian areas 30%
  • Other countries 12%
  • Average price for click: high tech $ 0,31Consulting $ 0,62 Tourism $ 0,34 B2B $ 0,66 (going down along with finance, and education)
  • Yandex offers an English interface but not the best it could be presenting russian where English is not available.
  • Yandex offers premium and guaranteed positions – the most intensive way of promoting your site on Yandex search, followed by rotation.
  • Premium position gives 5 time more traffic.
  • In Begun you bid for positions.
  • Yandex presents an automatic words refining tool (maximizes CTR by adding stop words: if your ads are not triggering clicks they will automatically add some negative keywords that will reduce your add exposition)
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Sante J. Achille

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