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Mobile Ecommerce Behaviours In Europe Revealed

Global Marketing News – 5th April 2016

Mobile ecommerce behaviours in Europe revealed

Research by Zanox has revealed the mobile ecommerce behaviours of several European countries.

The UK and the Scandinavian countries came top when it came to the amount of money spent via a mobile phone, with Switzerland coming bottom.

The report uncovered some interesting regional variations. Spain and Italy both saw peaks in mobile shopping activity in the summer months, whilst in Eastern Europe mobile shopping peaked at the end of the year.

When looking at which countries had seen the biggest mobile sales growth compared to the previous year, it found that Spain came top, seeing growth of 69% in 2015 compared to 2014.

Eastern Europe came second, with the Nordic countries, Italy and Germany taking third, fourth and fifth place respectively.

Facebook mobile payments system rumoured

There are rumours that Facebook may be preparing to launch a mobile payments system, after code hidden within its Facebook Messenger app was discovered, suggesting that it was preparing a mobile ecommerce tool.

As mobile and social ecommerce becomes more and more popular, companies are looking to tap into the trend and facilitate online sales.

Mobile payment systems are becoming increasingly popular worldwide, with around 148 million people expected to pay for an item in a shop using a mobile wallet this year, according to a study by Juniper Research.

Facebook has not yet commented on the discovery of the code and whether or not it means it is planning to launch its own mobile payment system any time soon.

Advertisers in Japan focus on digital and mobile ads

Advertisers in Japan are spending a growing proportion of their budgets on digital and mobile ads, according to a study by eMarketer.

Around 37 billion US dollars are expected to be spent on the Japanese advertising market this year, with a quarter of this going on digital advertising.

From the digital marketing budget, just under half is going on mobile advertising.

These proportions are set to keep on growing.

By 2020, around 41 billion US dollars is predicted to be spent on advertising in Japan. 31% of this will go on digital advertising, with almost three-quarters of this going on mobile advertising.

Brazilians are willing to see ads on free messaging apps

People who use messaging apps in Brazil are willing to receive ads if it means the apps remain free, according to research by Mobile Time and Opinion Box.

They found that 35% of messaging app users were willing to receive ads from any brand or product if it meant the app would stay free to use, with a further 33% saying they were willing to receive ads from brands or categories that interested them.

21% said they were not willing to receive any ads or pay to use a messaging app, and just 11% said they preferred paid messaging apps.

WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Skype and Viber are the top 5 most popular messaging apps in Brazil.

Brazil has an internet population of 108 million people, equivalent to 53% of the population.

Walmart launches ecommerce app targeting China

And finally, the US retailer Walmart has launched an ecommerce app targeting China.

Named Walmart Global Shop, the app allows users to buy items online. It currently sells 200 different items on the app.

Users can then either have their items delivered or collect them from newly opened stores, although these stores are currently only located in the south of the country.

Walmart, which is the biggest retailer in the world, will face stiff competition from local ecommerce giants such as Alibaba and JD.

It may have an edge over the local competition, however, due to the fact that Western goods are seen as being of higher quality than Chinese-made goods in the country.

The Chinese ecommerce market is the largest in the world. It was worth a staggering 673 billion US dollars last year.

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