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Mobile internet in France

The French are using more and more their mobile phones to get into the internet. Studies (Ipsos MediaCT) show that in April 2008, only 28% of them were surfing the WWW, and now they are more than 31%. Not such a big jump though, but there is more to learn in this figures: there is truly a new way to use their smartphones and iPhones in France.

French use their smartphones more and more often to go on the web: 29% of them go online at least once a day. This increase and trends was mostly noticed for the 25-34 years old  (+40%) and the 35-50 years old (+38%). What is even more amazing, is that 9% of them, say that they go on the web only through their smartphones now. And finally, 38% wish they could go on the web more often, but what is stopping them, is that most sites are not fitted for their mobile phones.

What is the primary use of the internet on a mobile phone in France? 73% of their time is spend on Geolocalisation. Then, they like downloading music, games, or chat with friends. On the other hand, they do not feel annoyed by the advertising which are not too intrusive. 34% have declared, they have been already looking for product’s informations or a brand, and 18% have clicked on banners.

So why all those changes? Well, since the end of April, the iPhone is sold through the 3 major phone companies, while it was sold only by Orange until then. People were not willing to change their phone companies to get an iPhone!

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