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Most Popular Social Media Sites In Japan Revealed


Global Marketing News – 1st June 2016

Most popular social media sites in Japan revealed

Line is the most popular social media platform in Japan, a recently released study has revealed.

The results showed that just under 40% of internet users in the country used Line, with the most popular demographic being females aged between 20 and 29, where 73.8% were users.

Looking further into the data shows that Line has a larger female audience than male, but the largest age group percentage is consistently people in their twenties.

Global giants Facebook and Twitter came second and third in the study, above local platforms Mixi and Ameba, as well as international giant Instagram.

Whilst their global competitors had much higher percentage rates in the 20-29 age group, Mixi and Ameba had more users in their thirties.

Over 75% of mobile ad impressions are in-app in Argentina

More than three quarters of mobile advertising impressions in Argentina are made ‘in-app’.

Data released by Adsmovil reveals that in the first quarter of 2016, the number of mobile ad impressions from the web fell in the country.

Adsmovil also reported that the data had showed that over 80% of the mobile ad impressions were made through Android-based devices, whilst iOS only covered 4.7%.

Mobile ad spending has increased dramatically over the last few years in Latin America, with the Argentinian spend expected to rise from 91 million US dollars last year, to just under 1.5 billion US dollars in 2020.

Apple Pay pledges to expand to “every significant market”

Apple is looking to expand the availability of its digital payment service, Apple Pay.

The initial success of the service has been down to what Apple calls “gathered momentum”, as it is now covered by more than 2,500 banks across the US, whilst in China it gathers over one million new users per week from the 19 banks it operates with.

Currently only available in six countries around the world (including the United Kingdom and Canada), Jennifer Bailey, Vice President of Apple Pay, said that they were working hard to make the service available in “every significant market Apple is in”.

Recently there have been leaks from the company suggesting that France, Brazil and Hong Kong are due to be the aim of Apple’s next expansion, whilst CEO Tim Cook has also hinted at India being a target.

It was also reported earlier this year that Apple Pay would become available at ATM machines in limited markets, signalling even more growth.

ICANN pledges to improve African internet connectivity

Non-profit organisation ICANN has started a new expansion plan to help boost Africa’s internet connectivity.

ICANN has recently set up offices in Nairobi so they can help “Africa to really enter the internet business industry”.

Pierre Dandjinou, Vice President of ICANN Africa, said that the new developments would put Africa in a position to be able to compete with more advanced continents by being able to increase content, development and application online.

He said that the aim was to localise the internet in Africa to enable the development of its own content, and that they have “the resources to be talking on the web in [their] languages and I do believe that is where we are really going to gain.”

Baidu ordered to pay 3 million yuan fine

And finally, a Chinese court has ordered Baidu to pay over 3 million yuan to a Shanghai consultancy firm.

In April, Shanghai Hantao Information Consultancy Co, operator of Dianping.com, sought compensation for losses caused by Baidu for copying information from the website.

Originally demanding 90 million yuan, it was judged that Hantao had been directly affected by Baidu’s actions, which had decreased the number of visitors to Dianping.com.

The American search engine Google was more successful with its recent court battle, after a jury judged that it had not broken copyright on its Java programming language.

In 2010, the software company Oracle argued that Google had broken the law, seeking 9 billion US dollars in damages.

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