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Mozilla Drops Google For Search In Turkey, Indian Supreme Court Abolishes Law Banning “Offensive” Social Media Comments

27 March 2015 – Global Marketing News

Mozilla drops Google for search in Turkey

The internet browser Mozilla Firefox has announced that it will now be changing its default browser in Turkey from Google to Yandex.

The decision comes just months after the browser made Yandex the default search engine in Russia, and Yahoo the default in the US – with Google being the losing party each time.

There is evidence that a browser’s choice of default search engine has a real impact on the search engine market, with Yandex’s market share being 75% amongst Russian Mozilla Firefox users, significantly higher than Yandex’s 60% market share in Russia overall.

A Yandex spokesperson also revealed that tests on Mozilla Firefox had shown that the majority of users simply kept Yandex as their search engine when it was made the default, rather than changing back to Google.

Yandex entered the Turkish market in 2011 and currently has a 4% share of the search market. It hopes that its partnership with Mozilla Firefox will help this number to grow.

Indian Supreme Court abolishes law banning “offensive” social media comments

The Indian Supreme Court has struck down a law that had made it illegal to post “offensive” comments on social media.

The crime had been punishable by up to 3 years in jail and was controversial due to alleged misuse of the law by police officers, which included the arrest of a professor for posting a cartoon about a politician.

The Supreme Court ruled that the law, known as section 66A, was unconstitutional as it impeded on free speech.

This is not the first time in recent months that online censorship has been under the spotlight in India, after Facebook revealed that last year it had received almost 6,000 requests from the Indian government to block certain content from being accessible in the country.

India has the third largest internet population in the world, with around 200 million Indians being online.

Philippines now third biggest smartphone market in South East Asia

Data from the IDC has revealed that the Philippines is now the third largest smartphone market in South East Asia.

It comes behind Indonesia in first place, while Thailand comes in second. Formerly third place Vietnam is now in fourth place, having been overtaken by the Philippines at the end of last year.

Smartphones now make up 47% of all mobile phones in the country, with feature phones only just staying ahead at 53%. With smartphone shipments increasing 75% year-on-year, however, analysts predict that smartphones will overtake feature phones to become the majority this year.

The recent surge in smartphone popularity has been put down to the cheap prices of many smartphones in the Philippines, with 6 out of 10 smartphones shipped the country last year being worth just 90 US dollars.

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MallForAfrica has ambitions to expand internationally

The Nigerian ecommerce site MallForAfrica has announced that it plans to expand to other African countries and ultimately to other continents.

MallForAfrica sells UK and US products, a niche that exists as most British and American businesses are unwilling to sell to African countries.

Originally launched in Nigeria and recently launching in Ghana and Kenya as well, MallForAfrica prides itself on its strict anti-fraud measures.

Fraud is perceived as a significant problem in the region, and so MallForAfrica makes customers load money onto its own special debit cards and also requires that they sign a form to confirm receipt of the goods when they come to pick them up.

Google hasn’t abandoned Google Glass after all

And finally, it appears that Google has not abandoned its Google Glass project after all.

Many people assumed that Google had canceled all development of its wearable when it announced the end of its Explorer program in January, but Google has come out to say that development is continuing behind the scenes.

The new version of Google Glass is speculated to have improved sound quality, a clearer display and a longer battery life. Google has not revealed when the new version could go on sale, however, describing it as a long-term project.

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