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Welcome Google Talk Beta

Google launched a Proprietary Messaging System called Google Talk late yesterday. Google Talk offers Instant Messaging and Audio and requires a Gmail account. Source: Google

All Hispanic Ad Network Launches

The launching of Hispanico Click marks the first all Latin/Hispanic advertsing network. They allow demographics to separate the various Hispanic subgroups which will improve advertisers CPA and prove profitable for all. As their copy states “If you campaign goal is … Read More

Internet Access Points in Italy face New Legislation

The Italian Government has approved new and more stringent legislation to monitor activities of Public Internet Access Points. The new law foresees implementations and procedures that provide authorities with visibility on users accessing the Internet from an Internet Café or … Read More

Dutch internet advertising to overtake radio

Forecasts from the Interactive Advertising Bureau Nederland are that within a year, the total spend on internet advertising in the Netherlands will have overtaken radio. Igor Beuker, Director of the IAB Netherlands, says that total online Dutch Dutch advertising spend … Read More