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Portuguese use the Internet to create businesses

The Portuguese Justice minister Alberto Costa announced that the Internet is fast becoming the preferred method for Portuguese businessmen to create new businesses.

A year and half ago, a program called “Empresa na Hora” (Create your company in one hour) was launched to speed up the process of creating a business from scratch. The Internet has played a big part in this program, allowing for faster end results and less red tape along the way.

Costa said in fact that there is presently a 40% monthly growth in people using the Internet to create their businesses. In about a year, more than 200 companies have been created on line, without any paperwork.

When it comes to getting a trademark registered, the Portuguese also use the Internet for speedier processing. Costa revealed that 59% of trademark requests are now made on line.

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One Response to Portuguese use the Internet to create businesses

  1. Mark Austin says:

    The fact that the portuguese government has opened the doors to online business is a excellent start to the future of economic growth and education in Portugal and it’s global communities. It is a great way to stimulate the enconomy and get more people involved with business online and offline.

    More governments should realize this and remove the red tape that oppresses their people.

    Mark Austin

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