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Rambler launches new online shopping portal in Russia

Rambler, the popular Russian search engine, has announced today the launch of their new shopping portal; Rambler Hypermarket. The project was launched in cooperation with eHouse Holding, a leader in the Russian internet shopping market.

Irina Gofman, CEO of Rambler Media, commented: “The market for electronic shopping is developing at a very fast pace and offers significant potential growth possibilities in Russia. According to the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Russia, the value of this market currently amounts to over US$ 1 billion and is growing at 40% per year. The new project significantly broadens the opportunity to shop via the internet, providing unified access to high quality internet shopping resources in Russia. The launch of Rambler’s internet-hypermarket is in line with our strategy as an integrated source of information, entertainment and services”.

While the service only includes 25 shops at present, Rambler have promised that this service, “will be further developed according to the levels of demand, with expansion of the range of available goods and inclusion of new internet shops.”

Rambler is the contender to Yandex here in Russia. According to LiveInternet, the independant survey site, Rambler currently holds 19.6% of the market, against the 50% held by Yandex. Google has been slowly increasing their market share since last year (5%) and now have a more respectable 14.3%. MSN is trailing at 2.3% with Yahoo! barely appearing on the map at 0.9%.

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  1. […] small blip in the figures, they have been running at 0.8% for the last three weeks. In December, I reported Yahoo! as having a 0.9% market share. Google is today at 13.4%, ever so slightly down from the 14.3% […]

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