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Russian Yandex goes after the Long Tail

Yandex, Russia’s leading search engine, has reduced the minimum cost per click from $0.10c to 0.01c (30 kopecks) in their contextual advertising program. This should allow users to start using Yandex more effectively for the PPC long tail, as they do with Google.

“Practically all Russian companies already know that contextual advertisement in the Internet is a highly effective tool for promoting goods and services, said Olga Vysotskaya, Project Leader of Yandex Direct, “however many people are not using this tool. Our mission, is to smooth out all thresholds which can prevent the arrival of offline businesses into the Internet”

This now compares favourably against the other main competition in Russia, Begun.ru who are maintaining a 0.05c per click minimum (and 0.15c per click on advanced distribution settings). It will be interesting to see the type and quantity of new campaigns this will bring onto the engine.

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