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Russian Yandex introduces conversion tracking

Yandex, the largest of the search engines in Russia have introduced conversion/goal tracking to their engine this week. Site owners can place the JavaScript on their pages and conversions will be listed in their reports for PPC advertisements.

The goal itself can either be a specific page in the web site or a set number of pages (to reflects the depth of interest of the users for each campaign).

It is a welcome development, but we are still waiting for API access to the search giant. Currently reports are only visible in their control panel or downloaded in CVS/Excel. Both methods require an understanding of the Russian language which adds an extra level of difficulty for non-Russian marketers.

Begun.ru, the second largest PPC provider and supplier of Yandex’s main competitor, Rambler (20% market share) has announced the launch of their own API service. Although there are more than a few teething problems with the fledgling service, it has increased the pressure on search providers to support more interactive PPC tools.

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