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Search engine optimization growth levels 6.7%

Marketing Sherpa has released an annual research study into the state of search engine optimisation (SEO).

The study reveals a significant customer satisfaction amongst those employing organic placement with search engine traffic increments ranging from 73% to 110% for those firms who decided to outsource this activity to professionals.

The conclusions are that SEO is the most valued tool to generate qualified leads and sales for a web site, when compare to other forms of online promotions (banners and PPC).

Yet during 2006 the overall revenue growth of SEO firms is a mere 6.7 % .

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Sante J. Achille

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  4. AvatarSante J. Achille says:

    Yes you are completely right – I should have some data for the Italian market within the next month or so

  5. I think we need to add that Marketing Sherpa is an American organisation and, whilst they do look outside the US, their figures are US led. Unless you know different!

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