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Search Engine Strategies Milan, Italy

Search Engine Strategies has opened for business today in Milano, the first SES conference to be held in Italy. The turn up has been significant considering the event being a first time. 20 sessions ranging from organic positioning to pay per click campaigns are scheduled – amongst today’s sessions featured Keynote Speaker Jim Lanzone, recently appointed CEO of Ask.com

During the question and answer session Jim gave the audience an overview of ASK search features and focused on the features that make it so different from others, mainly the clustering of sites and identification of communities and authoritative sites within these communities.

In a similar way John Riccardi, product manager of YAHOO! Search presented My Web 2.0 Beta scheduled to be rolled out in most of Europe later this year.

When asked if recent acquisitions Flickr.com and del.icio.us would influence the YAHOO! search strategy, John said “we should see something exciting towards the end of the year“.

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Sante J. Achille

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