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Spanish internet advertising matures, as spending grows by 52% in 2005

Online advertising is growing all over the world but generally, it’s the countries with leading internet usage that make the headlines. Now it’s Spain’s turn.

Or those online marketers who have doubts about Spain’s online market’s potential will have to think twice after learning the findings of 7th interactive media advertising study produced by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, IAB Spain and sponsored by Antevenio. Online advertising spent in Spain grew by 52.5% in the first semester of 2005 in comparison to the same time period in the previous year. 52% is no small number, especially when you take into account that many experts in the industry claim that Spain is far behind. 65,97 millones

55% (36 million euros) of this spending is still attributed to traditional media. But consider the 31.5% that was spent on search marketing. Clearly this is a very positive sign both for online marketing companies who are dedicated to advancing the Spanish internet market, as well as foreign and local companies who are interested in exploring this market via an online presence. Others are already entrusting a substantial amount of their marketing budgets to search marketing and the results generated are clearly keeping them happy; happy enough to fuel Spanish online spending to a 52% increase. So take note—as a marketer, business or consumer.

Breakdown of spending by sector:


As mentioned before, sponsored links (pay-per-click) and search marketing overall, captured 31.5% of the budgets-but more impressively still, quarterly earnings have tripled (195% annual growth) in relation to first quarter results in 2004. Still sitting down? Clearly Spanish companies are starting to warm up to the idea of internet being an increasingly important advertising medium to consider. There is still a large gap of course, between Spain and other European countries. But we are talking about an evolution here. So consider the Spanish market if you are ready to globalise.

For those interested in other impressive details, you may download the full study in Spanish from IAB Spain.


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