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Mobile Internet and Digital Mobility Findings from EIAA


The European Interactive Advertising Association has published key findings from a recent study:

New Decade Heralds the Age of Digital Mobility

Europeans are more mobile and engaged with online than ever

Key findings of the study presented early March 2010 are:

  • Europeans spend an average of 6.4 hours per week on mobile internet (or “internet-on-the-move” as described in the study) compared to 4.8 hours reading newspapers and 4.1 hours reading magazines
  • The increase in laptops has increased media convergence with Europeans using the internet while they watch TV
  • The number of wireless broadband users in Europe is 121 million
  • 71 million users access the internet via a mobile device averaging nearly 1 hour of mobile connection per day
  • Eastern Europe is a market opportunity for mobile engagement

The younger generation of early adapters is driving the increase in mobile internet access with:

  • 24% in the age group 16-24 spending 7.2 hours per week online
  • 21% in the age group 25-34 spending 6.6 hours per week online

The Internet is a popular source of entertainment with 25% of Europeans gaming or listening to the radio online and 30% watching video, TV clips or movies at least once a month

29% follow brands more as a result of the internet as the medium usage offers higher levels of emotional and rational connection.

The study shows a high consumption (49%) of video clips websites and images with 80% of those sharing the content with friends, a signal of a technologically sophisticated and deeply engaged audiences.

Countries with most hours spent on the Internet each week

  1. Poland (10.3)
  2. Italy (7.9)
  3. Belgium & Portugal (7.7)
  4. Russia (7.1)

Source: European Interactive Advertising Association

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