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Study Reveals Best Times To Tweet Around The World

Global Marketing News – 1st July 2015

Study reveals best times to tweet around the world

Research by Buffer has revealed the best times to tweet in order to get the maximum number of clicks, engagements, retweets and favourites.

The research, which was based on data collected from 4.8 million tweets from 10,000 profiles, uncovered that the tweets that got the most clicks differed in different time zones.

For locations in Pacific Time, Central Time, Central European Time and Australian Eastern Time, the best time to tweet in order to get the most clicks was 2am local time.

This changed to 5am in Hong Kong Time, 8am in Japan and noon in China.

The general trend was that tweets sent at non-peak times received the most clicks.

When it came to engagement, the best time to tweet was between 11pm and 5am, with the highest levels of engagement being at 2 to 3am. This trend was the same all around the world.

When it came to retweets and favourites, data from the US showed that 9pm was the best time to tweet when targeting a US audience.

Getty Images files complaint against Google to EU

Getty Images has filed a complaint against Google to the European Commission, accusing the search engine of placing Google Images above Getty Images in the search results.

Getty has spoken out about the complaint, explaining that: “Web search results that link directly to the Getty Images website are placed low in the search results, frequently, and remarkably, not on the first page of results.”

Google is already under investigation by EU over allegations that the search engine has been abusing its dominance in the search market to put links to its own services above those of competitors in the search results pages.

At this stage, it is unclear whether the EU will absorb the Getty Images allegations into the existing case, hear it as a separate case, or dismiss it.

If any charges against Google were successful, the search engine may be forced to pay fines of up to 10% of its revenue, which could total as much as 6.6 billion US dollars.

eBay sets eyes on Thailand for B2C expansion

The head of eBay in South-East Asia has said that he wants more small-to-medium sized businesses in Thailand to sell their products on the site.

Thailand was selected due to the country’s great ecommerce potential.

eBay has said that it will conduct a high profile marketing campaign targeting Thai businesses later this year, to help it dispel the myth that eBay is only for consumer-to-consumer ecommerce. Ten businesses from Thailand are already making over 1 million US dollars a year on the site.

The current top target markets that Thai businesses sell to are the US, UK, Australia, Canada and Russia. The main product categories are jewellery, car parts and fashion.

Harvard: Most successful global businesses are the most localised

Harvard Business School has reiterated that the businesses that are most successful when it comes to international expansion are also those that are the most localised.

It gave the example of the Spanish last-minute hotel-booking start-up Blink Booking, which was based on the business model from US firm Hotel Tonight.

Blink Booking has been a big success in Spain, due to the fact it is highly localised for the Spanish market. Hotels and residents had to be signed up to the service, which involved conducting sales calls and targeted advertising campaigns.

Furthermore, the Blink Booking app itself had to be translated into various European languages so that it would be attractive to European users from various countries who may be holidaying in Spain.

Marriott International and Universal Music Group partner up

And finally, the hotel company Marriott International and Universal Music Group have entered into a partnership.

The partnership applies worldwide and will allow hotel guests to go to exclusive music events and enter into prize-draws for VIP concert experiences.

Marriott Rewards members will also have the chance to get artist merchandise and exclusive downloads, as well as go to UMG-sponsored events such as music award ceremonies.

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Gemma Houghton

Gemma Houghton

Director of Marketing at Webcertain
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